Trial Box Reviews

“Received a Ladybug Red Trial Box today! Wow, how awesome was it opening this Subscription Box! Awesome products inside! I got exactly what I selected on their Website with regards to my tampons and pads! Loving that I don’t have to ever go to the shops again to buy Tampons and Pads! I am sure Ladybug Red is going to be an awesome success!”


Nastassja Grobelny

“Was lucky enough to be asked if I would review a Pre-Launch Subscription box! Value for money! Such a great idea, I was able to select all my products online, with no hassle, and the best was I could choose between many different products so I received a big variety. The yummy chocolate and fun socks, were an added treat!”


Patricia Makola

“Seriously cool concept! And I am sure it’s going to do great! Love it that I don’t have to stand in queues holding pads and tampons anymore, while I can feel how I am blushing. The treats, bath goodies and gift that was included in my box to review, were great! And stunning quality. Don’t miss out! Join Ladybug Red, you won’t be disappointed.”