How to make your period suck less!

So I thought, what makes me feel better when I get my period, would be a great blog post for Ladybug Red’s first entry!

1. Take a Bath – focus on feeling better during your period with a relaxing bath! Soaking in a warm bath definitely helps those darned cramps as well, so it’s a win-win.

2. Pop a pain pill – sometime menstrual cramps or back pain, or if you lucky like me, both, can be so severe that you need a pain killer to help you get through the day.  
    Some studies show that ibrufen is more effective for menstrual cramps, but choose what works for you.

3. Warm it Up – Another way to help relieve those horrible, uninvited cramps is a hot water bottle, heated blanket or happy hugger. Sip on some chamomile tea 
    for some extra calming effects.

4. Get Comfortable – wear those comfy tracksuits and woolly slippers when you at home! No need for restrictive clothing.

5. Entertain Yourself – My favourite, even though a bit difficult with three kids at home. If you at home and don’t feel like facing the world enjoy this down time,
    catch up on some reading, get lost in a series, and do what makes you happy!

6. Work Out – as hard as this is to believe, it helps you feel better. It releases endorphins, which is natures pain killer and takes you mind off the pain.

7. Drink Water – during your period you retain water and feel bloated! Drinking water helps prevent this.

8. Say no to junk food – as difficult as this is to do! Focus on fresh fruits and vegetable and whole grain products. Try avoid caffeine, salt and sugar
    And if none of the above works, there is always wine! Or a Ladybug Red Subscription Box

Have an awesome week Ladies and Welcome to Ladybug Red!


With love and comfort,



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