Ladybug Red, designed for Women, by Women!


A chilly winters evening, with a great glass of Shiraz, we got talking about wishing there was a service available, around making your Period more enjoyable! So a lot of brain storming, ideas being thrown around, Ladybug Red was born!

We realized that woman, should not have to dread their period, but rather accept it as a part of life! So why not turn a dreaded experience into an enjoyable one, by having all your Period Goodies and more, delivered to your door, in a beautiful packaged, yet discreet box. We then also decided what a great product it would be, to add a First Starter Period Kit for girls, that are about to, or have started their period! Being Women, we have been there, and remember the uncomfortable part of not really knowing what was happening to our bodies. As parents, we all know how uncomfortable starting these types of conversations can be. Having the First Period Starter kit, as a topic starter will be a great help for moms, and even dads, to start the Period discussion.

Another product, after I (Monique) have had three kids was a Moms Maternity Kit, trust me, you will need more Maternity Pads and Disposable Panties than you think you need! Our Maternity box, includes all that, plus a few extras to make your days after having your Bundle of joy a little bit easier.

We hope to welcome you to the Ladybug Red Family, as a Subscriber soon!


With love & comfort,
Monique & Danielle